Jun 22 2015

Vail Baby Boomers…America’s Healthiest Population?

Vail Baby Boomers…America’s Healthiest Population?

In 2014, a poll was conducted across the United States.  It questioned various demographics about their commitment to health, fitness and vitality.  The results showed that the Baby-Boomer population presented a much higher interest in health and wellness than Millennials, Gen-X’ers or Traditionalists.  The Vail Valley is home to many retired Baby Boomers.  This population is drawn to the high quality of life, often purchasing a retirement home and embracing Vail’s healthy lifestyle.  I wonder - could the Valley’s Baby Boomer population be among the healthiest in the country?

The “Baby Boomer” population is characterized by a strong work ethic and analytical outlook.  This group not only has interest in their health, but they actively seek instruction on how to maximize quality of life.  As the Vail Valley gets into the swing of summer, Baby- Boomers are arriving and looking to participate in outdoor activities. They want to take part in hiking, cycling and golf, as well as positive...Read More

May 23 2015

California’s Climate Ride a Success!

California’s Climate Ride a Success!

Jesse Fink finishing his 100 mile day on the 5-day "Climate Ride" in California. Jesse worked hard with his winter training and nutrtition. He felt great throughout this exceptional event.

Congratulations Jesse and way to rock the Live It kit proud,
Rod and Annie

Jan 8 2015

The Three “F” Words…

The Three “F” Words…

Whether we find ourselves standing on skis, a snowboard, snowshoes or skins, the winter season always lures us back to the snow. Rarely do we take a moment to evaluate the training we put in prior to hitting the slopes, but by examining a simple exercise called the reverse lunge, we can assess whether or not we did enough to prepare. Taking a sharper look at this one movement also helps to identify the three “F” words of fitness: Form, Function and Fun.

First, let’s define the three fitness “F” words. Form is how we align our body when performing a specific task. It speaks greatly to where we have strengths or limitations. When our form is focused on moving with intention and control, our strengths are enhanced and our limiters become a valued asset. Function is the way we apply exercises to an outdoor pursuit. For instance, gym exercises are meant to mimic the demands of a sport you are active in. This builds a platform of movement that can be repeated when you are engaging in your...Read More

Dec 17 2014

Move Your Body!

Everyday our lives take us in many directions: caring for children, working full time-jobs, traveling, etc.  While accomplishing the tasks at hand, we humans don’t just use one muscle to get it all done. We move the whole body as a unit, so why approach fitness training differently? 

It is always challenging to come into a gym setting, wander around trying to figure out what to do, where to begin, and how to approach this time you have set aside to workout.  Many times gym patrons default to something familiar like a chest press machine because it’s easy to sit down, find a doable weight, (or one that may be beyond their range of strength), and settle in for few sets.  After the chest press, they move onto the leg extension machine for some quad work before moving to another machine.

First, let me give props to them for doing an upper and lower body exercise, but the concept of combining these two types of exercises has yet to enter their mind.  The fact is that this person in the...Read More

Dec 8 2014

Early Sport Specialization

Early Sport Specialization

Many people assume that the only way to achieve expertise in sport is to specialize early in a sport.  However, recent evidence suggests an alternative to early specialization called "sport sampling.”  It appears that early specialization is not the only path to Olympic or World-class status and in fact, may not be the best path.

Deliberate Practice and early specialization

The theory of deliberate practice was developed by Ericsson and colleagues and extended to other domains such as music, mathematics, and sports.  The basic premise is that in order to achieve expertise in a particular domain it requires deliberate practice for a minimum of 10 years.

Early specialization in sports is a reality among many young athletes. Many parents, coaches, and children are under the belief that the only way to reach the elite level in a sport is to start at an early age and train for that sport year-round. Home environments are increasingly becoming more "child-centered". This means the...Read More

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