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Apr 10 2014

Rod’s Fueling Tips…Just in Time for Spring

Rod’s Fueling Tips…Just in Time for Spring

*On rides longer than two hours, go through one bottle of water + fueling powder, per hour. (We like Skratch Labs and Osmo.)  1 to 1.25 scoops per bottle it is the correct ratio

*On rides longer than 2 hours, consume a bar at the 75 min mark.  Picky bars have good-quality ingredients. Other items that work well are dried figs or dates.  If you use caffeine, take it going into the last hour.  If you take it too early you will peak too soon in the ride and crash

*Post ride, the body is primed to take in nutrition for recovery.  If you can have a recovery shake within 20 minutes, you greatly improve recovery versus if you wait an hour. By having a quality shake right away, the body uses carbohydrates to replenish glycogen stores. If you wait longer than 20 minutes or so, the body takes carbohydrates to fat stores instead.  Additionally, the amino acids from the shake launch muscle re-synthesis, helping...Read More