• Customized training program

    Get specialized plans created just for you.  This includes indoor and outdoor on-the-bike workouts, workout analysis and file sharing.  Learn how to track your power, heart rate, and heart rate changes to train and recover efficiently.

  • Face to Face Coaching

    Get more than an online coaching platform – actually spend time with your coach, whether in Vail or at your home location.  Live It will work around your demanding schedule to arrange for regular 1-on-1 sessions with Coach Connolly.  These sessions will include special training components like on-the-bike video analysis, pedaling biomechanics and off-the-bike strength and conditioning plans.

  • Customized Nutrition Plans

    Synchronize training and nutrition to feel your best year-round.  As your training and goals evolve, so should your nutrition.  Live It offers variable focuses throughout the year such as a Lean-Out Phase, Threshold Phase, VO2 Phase, Competition Phase, etc.

  • Cycling-Specific Concierge

    Assistance with travel reservations, bicycle and parts shipping, as well as the purchase of nutritional supplements and fueling strategies, mailed directly to your home or work.

  • Unlimited Access

    Reach coaches and concierge via telephone anytime Monday through Saturday. Unlimited access to email and text with coaches and concierge, 24-7.

  • Exclusive Offers & Services

    Bike fitting services and pre-fit’s to determine geometry for new purchases.  Special offers on custom bike kits and other Live It Cycling merchandise. Discounts at select shops in Vail and at your home location.

  • Private Camps

    Invitations to private events and camps, domestic and abroad.   These offers are reserved for Live It Clients only.  Expand your network, explore something new, reconnect with what matters most.