The coaching at Live It Cycling is unique. Our Specific Demand Training Protocol is truly innovative.  Head coach, Rod Connolly, is a former USA and European racer.  Unlike many other coaches, he has a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology, and was chosen for a working internship at the famous Mapei Institute in Italy.  He studied biomechanics and applied that knowledge at cycling rehabilitation clinics with USA Cycling head doctor, Andy Pruitt.  In addition to being a Master Bike Fitter, Rod is skilled in nutritional planning and how to utilize fueling strategies to bring you to your optimum cycling weight.  In implementing these strategies, the client optimizes their body composition to maximize health and performance.  

Most cycling coaches are former professional riders - they know road racing inside and out. The guidance most coaches provide is steeped in tradition, passed down from their coaches. While the typical coach has a good working knowledge of the racing aspect of cycling, they might be closed off to new ideas and a more scientific approach to training. Innovation is curtailed if it is met with preconceived ideas.

Josh Nota

Josh Nota

As a youth interested in riding bikes, Josh naturally began to question ways to ride faster and cover more distance. This curiosity led to formal study at the University of Massachusetts and a career in exercise science and coaching.    In 2006, Josh made his way to Colorado and began training at Dogma Athletica under the tutelage of Rod Connolly. Josh is a certified USA Cycling Coach and has an innate, educated eye for recognizing movement patterns and potential movement dysfunction in clients.   He is also extremely skilled at rehabilitating clients who are returning from surgery and other orthopedic injuries.  Josh doesn’t merely coach, though – he participates.  He has raced mountain bikes at the professional level in the Vail Valley, Boise, Idaho and the tough Northeast circuit.  

Josh has a remarkable ability to connect with people and coach them with persistence and positivity.  He loves to work with clients toward a fitness goal, whether it be a Century ride or decreasing body fat percentage.  His patient nature is ideal for this type of long-term training partnership.  Josh is currently based in Boise, ID and travels frequently to be a part of Live It Cycling camps and events.

Rod Connolly

Rod Connolly

Live It Cycling Head Coach and Owner, Rod Connolly, has had a love affair with the bike since he was a young child.   Rod grew up in the cycling hotbed of Boulder, Colorado in the 1980’s.  He became a prolific junior racer under the tutelage of local senior racers such as Davis Phinney and Andy Hampsten.

Immediately after high school Rod took his cycling dreams to Europe and raced in the rough and tumble Kermesse circuits as well as the hard-man’s races that traverse Flanders.   This is where Rod found his gift for riding in all conditions and came to understand where to sit in a group riding dynamic.   When he returned from Belgium, Rod completed his undergraduate degree in Biochemistry and Biology at Colorado State University.   Upon completion, he returned to Europe to live and race in Northern France.   Later he returned to Ft. Collins for post-graduate work in Exercise Physiology. 

Rod worked under USA Cycling Head Doctor Andy Pruitt in Denver and Boulder, where he further developed his adept eye for bike fitting.  Rod is a wonder at recognizing asymmetries and imbalances in clients; he takes his observations and formulates training protocols to create a better cyclist and athlete.  Rod wanted to combine his knowledge of biomechanics with a deeper understanding of the “engine” of the cyclist,  so he applied and was chosen for a stint at the famous Mapei Sport Institute in Castellanza, Italy under the direction of Head Trainer and Doctor, Aldo Sassi. 

Rod has been coaching cyclists and training athletes for over 20 years.  He possesses the unique combination of a clinical exercise background and real-world racing and training experience. He brings other progressive attributes to his coaching such as custom bike fitting, nutrition counseling, specific strength protocols and yoga. What truly sets Rod apart from other coaches is his comprehensive understanding of all body types and his eye for discerning even the smallest change that can create more optimal riding.  He finds the singularity in each client and hopes to communicate and connect in a way that goes beyond the typical coaching relationship.  Rod celebrates each client’s individual goals to help him or her achieve remarkable results.

In 2006, Rod and his wife Michelle opened Dogma Athletica in Colorado’s Vail Valley.  Dogma Athletica is one of the premier high altitude training centers in the world.   The facility allows Rod and his esteemed coaching staff to train and test clients in a controlled environment, and it serves as home base for Altitude Camps that Live It Cycling holds in the summer months.   Rod and Michelle have two lovely daughters – Rosie and AJ. 

One of Rod’s favorite aspects of his work is riding and connecting with the interesting people who attend Live It Cycling’s training camps.  If you are attending a camp and need a monster pull to get you back to the Villa for a nice glass of wine just sit on Rod’s wheel…he’s your guy.