• Who is the Live It Cycling Client?

    We have an entrepreneurial spirit at Live It Cycling, and we enjoy the business of business. There is a strong correlation in the way Live It Cycling clients approach business and cycling, which is why our Specific-Demand Protocol is so effective. Live It Cycling uses measurables and specifics so clients are able to track progress and see results.  We believe there is an experiential equity found in working with successful people who are true experts in their field.  As a client at Live It Cycling, you will have the opportunity to work with the best in cycling coaching and meet other clients whose business acumen aligns with your own.

    Live It Cycling clients are passionate about cycling and have use for the most comprehensive coaching platform. They enjoy incredible cycling vacations and training camps, as well as connecting with other like-minded individuals. It's not about pinning a number on each weekend; it’s about doing what you do and letting Live It Cycling coach you to your fullest potential.

  • What level of fitness do I need to participate in the program?

    There is no required level of fitness to begin training with Live It Cycling.  Some clients have a high-level of training maturity and others have never worked with a coach before.  Live It specializes in creating training and nutrition plans just for you that take your goals and base fitness level into account.  You will be challenged according to your individual parameters.  Live It Cycling is geared toward clients who are passionate about their cycling and are truly looking for the premier coaching platform to progress in their riding, no matter their level of fitness. If you are committed to your riding and training, we are committed to providing you the best support possible.

  • How do I receive my workouts and nutrition plans?  How often do I receive them?

    Coach Connolly will personally send you customized workouts and training plans.  We have found that email is the easiest medium for transmitting training documents. These emails are sent to accommodate your schedule, so if you're working or traveling a lot, Live It takes that into account and plans accordingly.  Therefore, you might receive emails each week or every couple of weeks depending on where you are in your racing or training calendar. 

    The same goes for nutrition plans.  Predominantly, you will receive emailed documents in PDF format, but we are happy to transmit information in whatever format best suits your needs.  In addition, Live It Cycling's dedicated concierge will occasionally send products and training tools to you via UPS or FedEx.

  • How often do I meet 1-on-1 with my coach?

    It is recommended to meet for two or three day intensive private camps with Coach Connolly at least twice a year.  This is often done once at your home location and once in Vail, Colorado at the Live It Cycling Headquarters.  This allows your coach to make tweaks to biomechanics and bike fit.  Additionally, clients will target and plan for key events in the upcoming training macro-cycle. At these private camps, clients are encouraged to participate in testing protocols to track progress and identify new benchmarks.  Private camps are offered at the rate of $1,000 per day plus the cost of travel.  

    Other opportunities to spend time with Live It Cycling's coaching staff are offered in the form of destination camps. Please see the Camps section of our website for further details on these special training trip

  • How much does the program cost?

    Due to the significant time investment in each client, Live It Cycling limits the number of active clients to approximately 15 people at any given time.  Keeping the client base small ensures we are providing the client with the finest personal service and attention.  In order to facilitate improvement in each client, we require a minimum six-month commitment.  This gives the client enough time to assess whether or not the program meets their needs, and it allows Live It Cycling to effect several different training and nutrition components.  The monthly cost is estimated at $1,750.00, and Live It Cycling will happily fashion a payment plan designed to meet your specific needs.  

    Live It Cycling's coaching platform is not for everyone.  It is not a template program for the masses.  We are committed to looking at you as a unique athlete.  We will take into account your strengths, weaknesses and personal identifiers.  This in-depth, customized approach guarantees we are providing you the most comprehensive coaching platform available.

  • Why does the Live It Cycling process have a strong emphasis on specific strength training?

    The Live It Cycling Client is looking for optimum coaching to improve their cycling.  Many endurance athletes and endurance coaching systems focus solely on training the aerobic engine.  While road cycling is primarily an aerobically driven sport, the muscular engine plays a big part at the critical moments of a ride or race.

    Specific strength work dramatically improves economy of motion on the bike.  This becomes key as the cyclist is able to put out more wattage at a reduced metabolic cost, helping the rider feel less tired at the end of ride.   Our specific strength protocol is custom designed for you after observing your pedaling and movement patterns in the gym. This regimen increases power, reduces imbalances, prevents injury, improves bike handling and helps you be a better all-around athlete off the bike.  We regularly see 10-15% increases in VO2 power with the specific strength work.

  • Why does Live It Cycling focus so much on nutrition?

    What we consume to support of our cell tissue is one of the most intimate workings of the body.  The food industry and the standard American diet have pulled most people so far away from living optimally that it is rather alarming.  At Live It Cycling, we create meal and nutrition plans to help reduce addictive tendencies, alleviate chronic inflammation, maintain a healthy hormone balance and ultimately, support your training.

    We make plans easy to follow and provide powerful tools to help you understand your relationship with food and how to avoid typical pitfalls. We have plans for different phases in your training and use nutrition to bring you to your optimal riding weight and body composition.  You will not only understand how to eat for overall health, but we will give you customized strategies for pre-ride, on the bike fueling and post-ride recovery.  You will ride stronger, recover faster, notice increased energy levels, experience sharper mental acuity and sleep better.  You can have all the training in the world, but without the correct nutritional support you won’t be able to ride or live to your fullest potential.  

  • What differentiates Live It Cycling from other coaching platforms?

    LIVE IT implies that there is something about what we engage in that enhances life.  Doing what we love helps us align ourselves with what is truly important.  Our goal at Live It Cycling is to translate your hard work on the bike into vitality in all areas of your life.

    Live It Cycling believes in science and efficacy when it comes to training, not simply traditional cycling teachings.  Our Specific-Demand Protocol will determine your strengths and weaknesses on the bike to build training and nutrition plans that align with your target events, your body's natural physiology, and the time component you have to dedicate to training.

    Live It Cycling's staff members, including coaches, are accessible to you 24-7.  Unlike other coaching programs, you will see our team often and get to ride with them 1-on-1. There are multiple camp offerings each year where Live It Cycling clients have the opportunity to network and build camaraderie.  The level of planning and execution behind these luxurious camps will have you wanting to attend again and again.

  • My question was not answered here.  Who can I speak with about my question?

    Please contact Annie Kautz at Annie@LiveItCycling.com.  She will respond promptly to your inquiry.